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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Man made climate change theory is back with a vengeance

When it was discovered in 2010 that climate scientists connected with the U.N. had been caught fudging the numbers, engaging in widespread scare tactics based upon exaggeration, and using faulty methodology to arrive at the conclusion that the gradual warming of the earth's temperatures is driven by human activity, the co-conspirators in this politically driven global hoax began to lay low. 
Al Gore dropped out of public view for an extended period. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the arch bishops of the Church of Climate Change Orthodoxy suddenly stopped talking about 'global warming.' The infamous 'Cap and Trade' bill as promoted by left wing politicians went nowhere in the Congress.
And the much touted Chicago Climate Exchange, a corporation started by investors such as Barack Obama, Al Gore, and others, went belly up
The idea behind the Exchange was for individuals of great wealth, such as Obama and Gore, to purchase 'carbon offsets' to somehow assuage their guilt over using too much energy, much more than the average person.
Gore, for example, has several large homes and flies around the globe on a regular basis, using up all of evil and deadly fossil fuel that is surely killing our planet by raising global temperatures.
Never mind that the period known as 'the Medieval Warm'during the Middle Ages occurred long before the advent of automobiles, smoke stack industries, air conditioning, and all of the other comforts of civilized society that are widely blamed for the 'raping of mother earth.'
Greenland, for example, got its name from that period. At one time the continent was warm enough that ice was nowhere to be found. Instead it was teeming with green grass and lush vegetation that one would find closer to the equator.
But when it was discovered that the basis for the U.N.'s global recommendations for the nations of the world to counter the ravages of the supposed man made roast was a student dissertation and an article published in a mountaineering magazine, the resultant embarrassment nearly shut down the annual conference on climate change that year in Copenhagen.....

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