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Friday, March 09, 2012

The pictures tell the real story on jobs

If one listens to the Obama Administration and the mainstream media, including the nightly news broadcasts on CBS, ABC, and NBC, one would conclude that the jobs predicament in America is improving.
But the pictures tell the real story on jobs, and that story is quite the opposite from the what most Americans hear from their government.
The government claims that 227,000 new jobs were added in February and that the unemployment rate of 8.3% was unchanged from the previous month.
CNBC in particular jumped for joy over the figures, claiming that the economic climate in the U.S. is drastically improving. This, of course, is the exact talking point used by the Obama Administration.
The talk of numbers, statistics, and facts and figures is a boring endeavor for most people. But when such numbers can be illustrated in pictures and graphs, a stark panoramic view begins to come into focus for most people, providing for them a stunning visual that sticks in the mind.

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