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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Media coverage of Trayvon Martin death reveals wide disparity

A survey of media coverage, conducted by this reporter over the past five days, of the Trayvon Martin death in Florida reveals a wide disparity of details which has more than likely contributed to confusion on the part of the public concerning the facts of the case.
Martin's death occurred all the way back on February 26. Yet numerous individuals have stated to this reporter on social networking sites that they thought the incident occurred early last week due to the manner in which the media suddenly appeared to blare the news of the case all over the airwaves.
The major news outlets in fact did not begin reporting the incident until well known civil rights leaders began to stir up emotions based upon their opinion that Martin's death occurred as a result of racial hatred. 
Early in the coverage, local media outlets in particular seems to play up the racial angle. That meme was later picked up by the mainstream media, which referred to a 'nationwide public outcry' against the alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, and the Sanford, Florida police department.

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