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Sunday, March 25, 2012

GOP operative says no rules violations in Missouri caucuses

A GOP operative who helped spearhead a major rules change at the National Republican Committee in 2010 states that as far as he can tell, the Missouri caucuses did not engage in any rules violations as some have charged.
Mike Ridgway, a former Ron Paul supporter who has been helping the Rick Santorum campaign, told this reporter last evening that the reason Santorum got short changed in the awarding of delegates in Missouri is that the Paul and Romney camps are better trained at following party rules. 
Missouri's Republican Primary, which is held in February, is non binding. No delegates are awarded as a result of that vote. Delegates are awarded at county caucus meetings, which were held around the state on March 16. And the rules concerning how county caucuses go about awarding delegates appear confusing and even tricky to the untrained eye.

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