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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Fox, Drudge gang up on Gingrich

On the night of the results of the Nevada Republican Caucuses last evening, Fox News and Matt Drudge appeared to deliver a double sucker-punch to Newt Gingrich, in spite of the fact that the former House Speaker came in a distant 2nd in the voting.
Mitt Romney won with 43% of the vote in a state where delegates will be awarded according to a sliding scale based upon how many votes the various Republicans candidates were able to garner. 
Gingrich received 25% of the vote, Ron Paul 19%, and Rick Santorum 12%.
Romney was expected to win the state by a comfortable margin as he did during the 2008 race for the Republican nomination, which he eventually lost to John McCain.
Following the results of the vote last evening, Gingrich gave a news conference in the presence of his supporters in Nevada. This writer listened to every word of the Speaker's remarks and his subsequent question and answer session with reporters...

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