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Monday, February 20, 2012

The anti-freedom black list--part one

America has been and continues to be under attack from within from forces that are determined to undermine and replace the concepts of freedom as delineated in the U.S. Constitution.
It is time to name the names. Who are these individuals, entities, politicians, and organizations that threaten the freedoms that are associated with our Constitutional Republic?
Don't be fooled by their common terminology that unites them all, such as 'democracy,' 'progress,' 'self-determination,' or 'empowering the people.' Their definitions of these terms have nothing whatsoever to do with freedom but have been twisted to reflect the view of 'democracy' and 'progress' envisioned by dangerous subversives such as George Soros, Media Matters, The Center for American Progress, and Democracy Now.
On this 'Presidents' Day' during which we honor the memory of our Founding presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others such as James Madison and John Adams, it is vitally important to recognize that much of the rhetoric being used by the forces of anti-freedom in their name is merely a smokescreen for the biggest attack on liberty in the history of the Republic.

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