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Monday, January 30, 2012

To tell the truth prior to Florida primary vote

Tomorrow Florida Republicans will go to the polls to choose the candidate they prefer to face Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election this November. At stake are Florida's 50 delegates to the GOP convention in the summer.
Florida's system is a winner takes all approach to appropriating delegates. Thus, whoever wins will take all 50 delegates to the convention.
Polls have shown movement in favor of Mitt Romney in recent weeks, although after the South Carolina primary Newt Gingrich emerged with a nine point lead. Gingrich's lead was erased due to a multi-million dollar deluge of negative ads by Romney, claiming that Newt "resigned from the House in disgrace due to ethics violations." 
Today this writer did a special radio broadcast delineating the facts concerning the ethics complaints against Gingrich, the background of the charges, and the results of a 3 year IRS investigation into the matter.

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