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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fact checking Romney's attacks on Gingrich

In a series of television ads and speeches in Florida in the run up to the state's Republican primary on Tuesday, Mitt Romney has launched a series of serious attacks against Newt Gingrich that have had a definite impact on the race. Gingrich's nine point lead has evaporated, and Romney is now in the lead by 11 percentage points, according to several polls released Friday.
Romney used the very same tactic in Iowa to obliterate Gingrich's lead.
Few, however, in the news media or among the political pundits have done any fact checking on Romney's charges against Gingrich. And when they have done so, it was only in a cursory fashion along with the excuse that campaigns always go negative on whoever is perceived to be the front runner.
But Romney's charges are very serious and they have been very effective, which begs the question, "Are they true?"
A look at two of the most serious of Romney's claims will prove to be very telling.

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