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Monday, January 02, 2012

Ear to the ground in Iowa on the eve of caucuses

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses in which the very first actual votes will be cast in the 2012 Presidential election cycle, those with the 'ear to the ground' in the state are largely struck by the unusually large number of undecided voters in what is perhaps the most volatile political climate in modern U.S. history.
Iowans are slated to choose tomorrow the one they wish to be the Republican nominee to go up against Barack Obama in November. But pollsters are unanimous in their observation that well over 30%, and upwards of 40% of GOP voters are either undecided or could easily change their minds before casting their votes tomorrow.
Such a volatile climate led one longtime grassroots organizer in the state to observe that 'anything can happen,' particularly with Rick Santorum's late and unexpected surge into 3rd place in the polls.
Caree Severson, of Ames, Iowa has been active in pushing for a Sarah Palin candidacy but threw her support behind Herman Cain after the former Alaska governor announced she would not run. After Cain's exit, Severson joined the Ron Paul team.

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