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Monday, December 26, 2011

Report--'new' medical ethics endanger individual human life

In the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of human life upon which American society is based, the centrality and importance of the individual is key. However, with changes in the law looming just around the corner, that commonly accepted understanding is about to be discarded in favor of the collectivist notion of 'the good of society,' according to two prominent physicians writing today in the American Thinker. 
Such ethics endanger individual human life if it is determined that the individual's need to live is trumped by the greater needs of the society as a whole, such as the need to contain the costs of healthcare.
Dr. Jerome Arnett, M.D., a pulmonologist in Helvetia, West Virginia, and Dr John Dale Dunn, M.D., a specialist in Emergency Medicine in Brownwood, Texas, believe that ObamaCare represents a grave danger to the notion that physicians are bound by their duty, first and foremost, to the individual patient.

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