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Monday, December 05, 2011

From the Boots on the Ground--a Ron Paul Campaign Worker Speaks

In response to a story this writer published yesterday entitled, 'How Ron Paul Could Win,' a detailed letter was received from a Ron Paul campaign worker who agreed with the article's premise that Ron Paul could win the Republican nomination by putting together a winning coalition of fiscal conservatives, independent swing voters, and disenchanted liberal Democrats who want U.S. troops out of harm's way in various parts of the world.
Of great interest is the description within the letter of a certain bellwether community in the heartland. Curiously, this community that is primarily over-60, the vast majority of whom are registered voters, expressed no problem whatsoever with Paul's foreign policy views. Although they may well have had some qualms in that area, their single-minded focus was on the domestic front--jobs, the economy, government spending, taxes, and our Constitutional freedoms.
Here is an excerpt from the letter that describes the above-mentioned community:

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