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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, December 20, 2011

**Note--the 2A Roundup will be taking a holiday break for Christmas. Today will be the last Roundup for the week. Will resume next Tuesday.

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

GunRights4US says, "I defy you to watch this and then tell me we live in a free country." Watch this vid.

Blonde Sagacity provides a picture from an Occupy Wall Street protest, and then comments on the placard in the picture.

Days of our Trailers has more news today on the Brady Campaign's war on the gun rights of citizens.

Every Blade of Grass has some good news. Congrats, my friend!

Mike McCarville posts a cartoon that perfectly depicts the obnoxious nanny state.

The New York Liberty Report has a most interesting read on Ron Paul and the rise of 'Jeffersonian Republicans.'

Ann Barnhardt provides some highly intriguing reading, particularly in light of this season of the year. Do yourself a favor and read it all.

Mike Vanderboegh issues the latest bombshell info concerning Fast and Furious.

David Codrea announces an important media network that is running some good pro-gun stuff.

Kurt Hofmann says that Holder still believes that America is a 'nation of cowards.' Take a look.


Rev. Paul said...

Merry Christmas, my friend.

Welshman said...

Merry Christmas, Rev! And thanks for your friendship!