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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day, 2011

Today we honor the living and remember the dead--those who served our country during wartime.

In my family there are many who went to war for their country. My grandfather fought in World War I. Several of my uncles fought in World War II, one of them died when a shell exploded. Later, another one of my uncles served in both the Korean and the Viet Nam wars. He returned to Viet Nam for 3 tours of duty.

My father served in the military but was never called up for war duty.

Veterans preserved the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Honor the ones who are living. Take one to lunch and pay for the bill. If you happen to see a war veteran in a restaurant, pay his bill and tell the cashier and waitress not to tell him/her who did it. A surprise, anonymous gift is always a joy.

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