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Monday, November 14, 2011

Obedience to God May Mean Disobedience to Government

Here's one that should set the Leviathans and their allies in Leftwing 'Christianity' into a hissy. Read it at the ministry site HERE.

I make absolutely no apology for the principle I set forth in this post. And I back it up Biblically, theologically, spiritually, and historically. It is a principle that CANNOT be ignored or explained away if one has a correct understanding of the nature of true Christianity.

The government is not and never has been the ultimate authority!

And I would defy any so-called 'Christian' to refute that statement from history. It cannot be done!


Rev. Paul said...

Anyone who would take issue with your statements is historically and theologically ignorant.

Well done, sir!

Welshman said...

Agreed. And ignorance is no excuse, actually.