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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Examiner Exclusive Analysis: the Cain Flap

Dominating the news cycle for the past 72 hours is a story that can be called 'the Cain flap.' Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been the subject of allegations, questions, and even reporter-initiated stalking, over charges originating in the mid-1990s that he engaged in sexual harassment.
Conservatives, even those who have not been particularly enthused about the Cain candidacy, have been suspicious from the beginning. 
Take the timing, for example. Cain has been a candidate for the GOP nomination for quite a number of months. Only when he became the bona fide 'front runner' did these stories appear out of nowhere based upon a report issued by Politico.
In addition, conservatives are always wary when an African-American who is a Republican becomes the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct. It seems to fit a pattern. When Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced the Senate for confirmation hearings during the Administration of George Herbert Walker Bush, the whole thing turned into a circus when suddenly, out of nowhere, a woman comes forward with allegations of sexual harassment against Thomas. Without any solid ;proof to back up the allegations, the scenario became a classic case of 'he said, she said,' and Thomas was confirmed for the Supreme Court.

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