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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Danger Signals in This Week's Election Results

Several areas of the country held elections on Tuesday of this week. Kentucky, for example, held a gubernatorial election. Virginia held state assembly elections. Ohio voted on a measure that would end the Governor's restrictions on public employee unions. And Mississippi voted on a pro-life referendum.
The results of these various elections represent a mixed bag at best, along with some very troubling signals that hold broad ramifications for America's future and the general election of 2012.
Perhaps the most troubling of all is Ohio's repudiation of restrictions on public employee unions. When the Tea Party came into being in 2008-09 it was clear that the citizens were reacting against the overreach of the current Administration in the areas of the national debt, ObamaCare, the environment, and other issues that added to the ever growing burden of debt with which future generations of Americans will be saddled.

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