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Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking: mysterious break-in highlights suspicions of FBI behavior

Over the weekend the daughter of one of the men who is central to the scandalous story reported here of FBI corruption--a story that was gutted by Newsweek Magazine--was the victim of a mysterious break-in that only further shines the spotlight on suspicious FBI behavior.
The daughter of John Matthews, who provided the FBI with information that contradicted their apparent concocted story that Timothy McVeigh was the 'lone bomber' in the Oklahoma City bombing, was the victim of a break-in at her home during which a steel locked box containing records was stolen. And although a television, an X-box, and a gun were also taken, the burglars left behind cash, prescription pain medicine, and other valuables in plain site.
Curiously, close friends and family, including email acquaintances, report that files stored on their computers that contain records of conversations with the Matthews are now missing--vanished without explanation from their computers.

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