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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spooked Dems to Consider an Obama-Hillary Ticket?

With Barack Obama continuing to plummet in the polls, knowledgeable sources inside the beltway claim that the Dems are so spooked by the prospects of historic losses in November of 2012 that they are considering an Obama-Hillary ticket.
Some have even suggested that other popular Democrats mount a primary challenge to Obama for the Democratic nomination.
It has become clear that Obama is viewed increasingly as a liability for the Party heading into the 2012 election cycle. And with news of scandal on several fronts, along with an economy that is continuing to tank and expected only to get worse prior to election day, Obama's prospects for reelection look more grim by the day.
Although several mainstream media polls show Obama with roughly 42-44% support among the electorate, more reliable polls depict a more dire picture. Several polling organizations show that Obama has plummeted into the 38 percent range, to which this writer has often referred as 'the death zone.' No President has ever been reelected, except for Harry Truman, with poll numbers in the 30s.
In October of 2010 this writer predicted that the Republicans were headed for an historic victory in the midterm elections, especially in the House, due solely to the fact that Obama was headed into the 38-39 percent range of public approval. With numbers that low, it was certain, based upon historic precedent, that the opposition Party would pick up a massive number of seats in Congress, which they did. Republicans gained more seats in the House than either Party had managed to gain in midterm elections in over 70 years.

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