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Thursday, October 13, 2011

ODUMBO the Hypocritical Idiot Accuses Fox News Reporter of Being Spokesman for Mitt Romney

Well, this just takes the cake. What an idiot. What a freakin' HYPOCRITE!

Odumbo, you know, the Prez who bribed NBC into being his Pravda, parroting every single word he says and cheerleading for him all the way? Well, Odumbo has accused Fox News reporter Ed Henry of being 'a spokesperson for Mitt Romney.'


All because Henry, at a news conference, asked Odumbo the Hypocrite a question in light of a recent criticism of the Prez issued by Romney.

And Odumbo the Hypocrite's response?

"I didn't know you were a spokesperson for Mitt Romney."

Watch it all right here on this video.

Now, what I would like for someone to ask Odumbo is how he can possibly make such a snide remark when NBC reporters, from Brain Williams all the way down to Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Andrea Mitchell, etc. routinely squelch negative stories about Odumbo and play up the positives, as if there are any, all in an attempt to push the Obama agenda on an unsuspecting public.

When is someone going to ask Andrea Mitchell, one of the very worst offenders at the Obama News Network, "When did Obama place you on the White House payroll to push his agenda?"

But we already know the answer to that question. All of NBC, including MSNBC, became Obama employees by extension back when Odumbo promised GE head Jeffrey Immelt (GE owned NBC) that he would be given a massive bailout if only Immelt would give him his undivided loyalty.

The deal was struck, and we have been living with the consequences ever since. Despite the fact that taxpayers rolled out multi-billions in bailouts to GE, the company pays ZERO in taxes, and NBC acts as an arm of the regime.

What a gall Odumbo has to accuse anybody, anywhere of being a spokesperson for any Republican.

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