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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall St. Malfeasance--Obama Gives Loans to Park Owners

The current world-wide phenomenon being billed as 'Occupy Wall Street,' which was originally conceived as the 'U.S. Days of Rage,' took a dramatic turn toward malfeasance yesterday when it was disclosed that Barack Obama had approved a multi-million dollar loan for the owners of Zuccotti Park in New York City--the site where most of the protesters have gathered.
The group has not been required to obtain appropriate permits from the city to gather in the park. Why?  
"Coming on the heels of the Solyndra debacle, the Obama administration has just approved a $168.9 million loan guarantee for the Granite Reliable wind farm project owned by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM).  Among its many holdings BAM owns Brookfield Renewable Power, which owns the Granite Reliable and it also owns Brookfield Office Properties, whose holdings include the now famous Zuccotti Park.  The Department of Energy finalized the loan guarantee less than a week after Occupy Wall Street protesters took to Zuccotti Park."
The plot thickened even more when it was disclosed that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who told the protesters that they could stay as long as they like, has personal connections with the company that owns Zuccotti Park.
As reported by this writer on August 21 in an article entitled,'Beware the U.S. Days of Rage,' the Occupy Wall Street protest is tailor-made for Barack Obama and his long-time associates who have a clear history of engaging in disruptive activity to bring about 'social justice.' And, interestingly enough, Obama gave his blessing to the gathering over the weekend and has consistently supported the protests in speeches and other public comments. 
From the start, the Wall Street protests were envisioned to be closely akin to the 'days of rage' in the Middle East in the winter and spring, during which supposed 'ordinary citizens who long for freedom' took to the streets to oust various Muslim dictators from power. However, as the days of rage progressed it was discovered that something else was driving the disruptions in Cairo and other areas of the region--the Muslim Brotherhood, for one, which would impose Sharia Law if it rose to power.
The list of behind-the-scenes instigators of these 'protests' is a lengthy and familiar one...

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