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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Obama's Gunwalker Excuse--Blame Bush

As it has done with so many various problems facing the nation today, the 'blame Bush' mantra of the Obama Administration now had been extended to the Gunwalker fiasco--Operation Fast and Furious. Within the last 48 hours news has come to light that 'letting the guns walk' across the southern border into Mexico allegedly occurred twice, in 2006 and 2007, under the watch of former President George W. Bush.
Thus, when it was disclosed last week that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney-General Eric Holder were directly implicated in the scandal, the machinery of the Obama Administration kicked into high gear, cranking out the release of certain documents showing that 'gun walking' was used by the ATF under the Bush Administration.
The problem, however, is that with these documents camemore proof of illegal activity on the part of the presentAdministration that far surpassed anything that happened under Bush. In the attempt to shift blame to the previous occupant of the White House, the present Administration has only further damaged itself.
As previously reported, the operation known as 'Gunrunner' was implemented during the first four years of the Bush Administration. Designed to track weapons into Mexico for the purpose of catching criminals in the drug cartels, Gunrunner was a sting operation that was made fully public. The Mexican government was also informed of the operation. The number of weapons involved was relatively small.
Confederate Yankee describes the Bush sting operation, which was known as 'Operation Wide Receiver':

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