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Monday, October 03, 2011

More Evidence that U.S. 'Days of Rage' is a Leftwing, Marxist Trojan Horse

I have been saying all along that the 'Occupy Wall Street' stunt was born and bred within the wicked walls of Leftwing extremist dungeons and bent on destroying capitalism and American freedom. Under the guise of attempting to provide a corrective to big corporate abuses, the 'days of rage' are actually taken directly from the playbook of Bill Ayers who first staged such a stunt in Chicago in 1968.

The only difference between then and now is that the participants are aware that if they are cast as Leftwing extremists, then their Wall Street display will be a dismal failure. They want to appear 'moderate' and broad based. But an internal memo to participants has already blown their cover. This IS about the overthrow of capitalism and the U.S. Government that was prescribed by our Constitution. They admitted it. I have written about this at least twice in my column at the Examiner.

And now we have even more evidence. Demonstrators are now screaming for the reelection of Barack Obama--not surprising, given Obama's long-standing friendship and close association with the unrepentant, homegrown domestic Leftwing terrorist, Bill Ayers.


wanman4 said...

The President has emboldend them with his "The Rich are not paying thier Fair Share" speeches. This may be the begiinng of increasing civil unrest that will endanger innocent citzens!!

Welshman said...