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Friday, October 07, 2011

Hillary's Smoking Gun--the Next Segment in State Department's Role in Gunwalker

"We have to recognize and accept that the demand for drugs from the United States drives them north, and the guns that are used by the drug cartels against the police and the military, 90 percent of them come from America."
The person who spoke the words quoted above was Hillary Clinton. The year was 2009 in an interview with Lara Logan of CBS News, just prior to a trip to Mexico City to meet with Mexican officials concerning gun and drug smuggling. The statement shows that not only was the State Department heavily involved in the Gunwalker scandal, as reported earlier today, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself was at the forefront of pushing the false assertion that '90% of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels come from the United States.' It has only now been discovered the extent to which Clinton was involved. 
This is, in essence, Hillary's smoking gun, the bombshell proof that she was personally involved in what became known as the Project Gunwalker scandal--an illegal scheme that was concocted in order to claim that draconian new gun restrictions and gun bans were needed in the United States, given that 'most of the guns criminals use in Mexico come from America.'
As previously reported, the meme parroted by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and Hillary Clinton concerning the number of American guns used by criminals in Mexico was patently false, and they knew it was false. This is precisely why the Obama Administration concocted the scheme in the first place. If the facts do not prove that 90% of the guns come from the States, then make sure those numbers can be proved correct by walking the guns straight across the southern border directly into the hands of criminals.
Thus, the State Department, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the ATF, the FBI, ICE, and a host of other federal agencies went to work to send thousands of guns across the border, deliberately placing them in the hands of the cartels.

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