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Friday, October 14, 2011

Gunwalker's Kevin O'Reilly--The Man Who Knows Too Much?

A central figure that has emerged in the Project Gunwalker scandal, known as Operation Fast and Furious, is an Obama-Hillary Clinton operative by the name of Kevin O'Reilly, who as it was announced yesterday is the initial focus of the investigation being conducted by Congressman Darrell Issa in connection to his extensive communication with William Newell, head of the Phoenix ATF. O'Reilly worked in the White House as a member of Obama's National Security Council during the Gunwalker fiasco and currently works as a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He is now on assignment to Iraq. Is O'Reilly the 'man who knows too much?'
During the 1950s one of Alfred Hitchcock's successful thrillers cast James Stewart in the leading role of a movie entitled, 'The Man Who Knew Too Much.' Stewart played a character who by chance was provided damaging, secret information involving international politics, which placed his life in mortal danger.
Some political observers believe that O'Reilly is a real-life, modern day counterpart to Stewart's fictional character.
Sources close to the ongoing investigation into Operation Fast and Furious indicate that O'Reilly has crucial information concerning how much the White House--and Hillary Clinton--knew about the illegal operation. But when inquiries were made as to O'Reilly's availability to provide testimony in the event of a subpoena, it was disclosed that he is on assignment in Iraq for the State Department.
Emails and other documents indicate that as part of the White House National Security Council, O'Reilly was given frequent updates on the Project Gunwalker operation by the former special agent in charge of the Phoenix field division of the ATF, William Newell. O'Reilly, thus, is the alleged conduit by which information on the scandalous operation was transferred from Phoenix--ground zero for Gunwalker--directly to the Executive Office of the President of the United States.
Further, as a top Hillary Clinton operative at the State Department, O'Reilly was allegedly the point-man on Gunwalker--a way for Hillary to keep tabs on the operation of which she herself was an original mastermind, as recently-disclosed documents indicate.
However, suddenly and without explanation, O'Reilly is sent to Iraq on an undisclosed 'assignment' for the State Department, placing him out of reach of Darrell Issa and directly in harm's way.

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