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Friday, October 28, 2011

GOP Insiders: GOP Leadership too Spineless to Go After Obama

Over the last two days several GOP insiders who are decidedly conservative and who are distressed over the direction the leadership is taking the Party have stated that the Republican establishment is "too spineless" to go after Obama on the Fast and Furious scandal.
"Boehner doesn't have the guts to go after him," stated one insider.
The statement was made in answer to a question as to why the Republican leadership in the House seems reticent about pursuing broad-based investigations into Project Gunwalker (Operation Fast and Furious), in spite of the fact that Darrell Issa's committee has uncovered enough information on Obama and the entire top tier of the Administration to merit those investigations.


David said...

I suspect that President Obama could fire up the teleprompters, step up to the podium, and fully confess personal directorship of the Fast and Furious program, and nobody would do a thing about it.

I applaud Issa and Grassley for their work in uncovering the scandal, but I fear it will all be wasted on a spineless Congress and a mainstream media who has never seen Obama do anything they won't forgive (or cover up for him).

Welshman said...

Right now, that is precisely how things are going. It is ridiculous and unconscionable that Boehner and the GOP elitist establishment would turn their heads to this scandal. But, what is the difference between a RINO and the Democrat (Marxists)? Only a matter of a few degress...