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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big, Big, Big, BIG, REALLY BIG!! Did I say BIG????

Okay, this one is really big.


The radio show of which I am now a part will feature none other than David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, the original reporters who broke the Gunwalker story, this coming Saturday morning at 11 AM Eastern, on WFHT-AM Radio 1390 in Orlando-Avon Park, Florida!

If you don't live in the Orlando area, no worries. The show can be heard in its entirety on the Internet both live AND afterward in the archives.

The topic of discussion, of course, will be the Gunwalker scandal and all of the latest news coming out of that.

You will not want to miss this show!

The show is 'A Voice for Freedom' with co-hosts Lori Hendry and Ginger Carlisle, along with yours truly, a regular contributor to the show.

Regular readers of The Liberty Sphere know both David and Mike very well. You will not want to miss this important show where BOTH of these patriots talk about their monumental work in getting this scandal in front of the public.

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