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Saturday, September 10, 2011

PBS Redacts Major Obama Gaffe Out of Speech to Congress

The taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting Service redacted a major Obama gaffe out of the transcripts of his speech to Congress Thursday evening of this week. During the speech Obama referred to President Abraham Lincoln as "the founder of the Republican Party." The assertion is false. Lincoln joined the Party in 1856, two years after its first convention in Wisconsin in 1854.
While it is true that such a gaffe did not provide a false premise for the address nor alter its central focus, had this been George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan the media would have jumped into action with its instant 'fact-checks' that would have turned the gaffe into major headlines.
Instead, the media in complete solidarity have remained silent.
But one mainstream outlet, PBS, went further. Not only did the network remain silent concerning the gaffe but proceeded to remove the remark out of the official transcripts of the speech.

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