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Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama's Egyptian 'Democracy'--Violence Against Israel

For the first time since the Camp David Accords of the late 1970s, prior to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s assassination, Egypt has embarked on a collision course with Israel that threatens to unravel the fragile peace in the entire region. Obama’s Egyptian ‘democracy’ has unleashed its violence on the Israeli embassy after engaging in a series of attacks aimed at Jews living near the Sinai peninsula. 
In the winter of this year, in the days leading to what became known as the ‘Arab Spring,’ the Obama Administration praised the massive protests in Cairo against Egyptian President Mubarak. The protests were described by Obama and the mainstream media as "the demands of an oppressed people for democracy."
It was also postulated that were Egypt to be set ‘free’ from the scourge of Mubarak, then the chances for peace in the region would be greatly enhanced.
Conservatives warned that the Administration’s use of the term ‘democracy’ to describe the protests in Egypt was highly misleading and designed to obfuscate the real end-game–the overthrow of Mubarak in order to pave the way for the terrorist-linked ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ to gain power in the country.

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