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Friday, September 30, 2011

Join PAMELA GELLER and ME for a Rockin' Interview! IN THE MORNING!

Ok, folks, this is a biggie. Pamela Geller is a person of national significance for her work in the conservative movement, particularly in calling attention to the growing danger of Islamic Jihad in the United States.

You  may have seen her on numerous interviews on Fox News, or the Joy Behar Show, or The View, or listened to her on Sean Hannity's radio show. You may have read her articles at NewsMax, Human Events, and Big Government. And you may be well aware of her highly popular blog, Atlas Shrugs.

Pamela will be our guest on WFHT-AM Radio 1390 this IN THE MORNING at 11 AM Eastern. You can also listen via the Internet if you do not live in the Orlando-Avon Park area of Florida.

If Saturday morning isn't convenient for you, the show can be listened to in its entirely at a later time or date.. Just follow the links provided here.

Pamela is always an energetic and provocative guest. She rocks, and this a rockin' interview. Don't miss it.
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Bradley Hennenfent, M.D. said...

Listening to the end of the show right now. It was a great show. - BradMD

Welshman said...

Thank-you, sir. Thanks for listening in!