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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I Am Dropping Ann Coulter

This blog has been published since September of 2006--nearly 5 years and going strong. I surpassed the 1 million page views mark a month or so ago, with little fanfare, mainly because I don't really consider a million in 5 years to be all that great.

But, as blogs go these days, I suppose I should count my blessings. Most do not fare so well.

And I do humbly appreciate all of you who read this blog faithfully.

About a year or so into the publication of The Liberty Sphere I added Ann Coulter to the site as one of the featured pundits you will find in the left column. At the time I did that on the strength of her books, which are wonderful, and her willingness to speak her mind without mincing her words when it comes to liberals.

But since 2008 I have had growing concerns about Coulter. In 2008 she supported Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination for President, in spite of his RomneyCare program--socialized medicine--and in spite of his less-than-enthusiastic 'support' for gun rights.

And this year she has incessantly talked about the need for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to jump in the race. Christie is yet another northeastern establishment Republican although he is very good on economic and budgetary issues.

As if that were not enough, Coulter began to bash Sarah Palin. She has not let up on that, and even tonight on O'Reilly she continued the onslaught.

I won't have it. Yes, people are entitled to support who they wish, but I don't have to put up with it on my blog. Anyone who bashes Palin is simply not welcome here. You may prefer Bachmann, or Cain, or Paul, etc, but bashing is over the top and will not be tolerated.

Palin has had enough bashing from the mindless, imbecilic Left and their couriers in the mainstream media. The last thing we need is for so-called 'conservatives' to join in.

Thus, the link to Ann Coulter on this site will be removed. Good riddance!


tickbird said...

Good on ya, Mr Martin.

Rev. Paul said...

Congratulations on surpassing the five-year mark, my friend. Well done, and much appreciated!