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Friday, August 19, 2011

Why are the media ignoring Ron Paul?

In any campaign for the Presidency, media attention is key. And in an era in which Americans get their news on the run in the midst of super-busy lives that are complicated by the struggle to make a living, pay the bills, raise the kids, and avoid a mortgage default, media attention is even more important, especially when a story is the lead newsmaker for any particular news cycle.
Americans, through no fault of their own, are limited by the restrictions of time to the lead stories and headlines. And in a political campaign if a candidate cannot manage to become the subject of lead stories on a fairly regular basis, then they will not get the attention of most Americans.
And this brings us to the question posed by the headline of this article today--why are the media ignoring Ron Paul?
Further, why are some of the other major candidates failing to garner the attention of the mainstream media moguls when they sit down to write their lead news stories?

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