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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is Rick Perry?

As Texas Governor Rick Perry enters the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, the dynamics of Campaign 2012 have already drastically changed. A Fox News poll shows that Perry is now running a close second to front-runner Mitt Romney, who is slipping in support. It should be noted that the survey was taken long before Perry formally announced his decision to enter the race today. 
The poll, which surveys the preferences of likely GOP primary voters, shows that Mitt Romney has slipped from 24% to 17% since June. Michele Bachmann, on the other hand, has increased her level of support by 4 percentage points since June, and comes in at 10%. But the surprise is the Perry factor. Support for the Texas Governor stands at 14%, a close second to Romney and within the 3% margin of error that is standard in political polls. Thus, the race is a dead-heat between Perry and Romney.
It is incumbent upon voters, thus, to delve into the background, heritage, beliefs, political philosophy, and legislative history of someone who is suddenly virtually tied with the GOP front-runner for President.
With that in mind, who is Rick Perry?

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