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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Video--proof positive that media covers for progressives

The video that is embedded in the left column provides proof positive that the mainstream media covers for progressives. As you will see, the entire exchange has been captured on camera, making it difficult for anyone in the media or among America's progressive elite to deny the charge. The complete story of the confrontation is recounted here.
Admittedly the reporter whose question to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, is a conservative who writes for the Washington Times. Progressives will routinely denounce such persons and their questions merely because of who employs them. The dismissal usually goes like this--'Well, what do you expect? The reporter in question works for (fill in the blank, such as Fox News, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, or the Washington Times, etc). Their questions are automatically suspect because they are posed from a conservative bias.'
How thorough is the abject and near-pathological denial that characterizes the vast majority of the progressive, Leftwing mainstream media. In their pompous, elitist snobbery toward conservative journalists, they walk around in a daze as if they have been hypnotized by a Jim Jones-like figure, oblivious to their own delusions.
The prevailing wisdom among the ivory-towered ink-slingers is that their world-view, their mindset, is the norm. In their way thinking they are not 'Leftwing' and express no liberal or progressive bias whatsoever.

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Anonymous said...

When these people stand before their Creator, they will probably incredulous as to why God should even be allowed to judge them. They may not believe in God now, but, they will.