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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rick Perry?

The gurus say he's in. He certainly talks like it.

But is this the guy we need?

While Perry has some admirable qualities there are troublesome questions that must be answered before many conservatives can support him...such as:

What was he doing serving as Al Gore's State Campaign Chair in Texas in 1988?

Why has the Governor refused to support Arizona's new law that enforces federal immigration law?

Why has Perry supported the concept of in-state tuition for illegal aliens who go to college in Texas?

Why did Governor Perry support NAFTA and it's concomitant Mexico-U.S. 'super-highway'?

And despite his rhetoric concerning illegal aliens, why does Governor Perry's record indicate a history of refusing to enforce laws concerning businesses who knowingly hire illegals?

Despite the wild excitement of some conservatives over Perry's entering the race for President, it would appear that we are dealing with another George W. Bush type of globalist who does little to secure our borders.

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