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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interview with reporter who helped expose the ATF Gunwalker scandal

In the waning days of 2010 reporter David Codrea and blogger/citizen investigative reporter Mike Vanderboegh received disturbing information from inside the ATF--the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives--which indicated that the agency was engaged in an illegal operation that resulted in at least 2000 U.S. guns winding up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Whistleblowers inside the ATF were so appalled by what they witnessed that they felt it necessary to expose the illegal activity by going to the media. However, in modern America, particularly since the campaign and election of Barack Obama, the media by and large are uninterested in investigating and reporting any vital information that portrays the current power structure in a negative light. Their hypocrisy is most evident in their enthusiastic zeal in smearing figures such as Sarah Palin with scant evidence except for innuendo and rumor. But solid, irrefutable facts concerning the ominous background, connections, and activities of the Obama machine are routinely ignored.
Thus, the whisteblowers started their own venue by which to disseminate their explosive information--a website called
In an exclusive interview at the Gun Values Board, David Codrea describes his involvement in the case, his years of experience in gun rights journalism, and his discovery of explosive information at the site.

Continue reading at Anthony G. Martin's Conservative Examiner.

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