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Monday, August 29, 2011

Here we go again--federal judge blocks implementation of Alabama's new anti-illegal alien law

The state of Alabama passed one of the toughest anti-illegal alien laws in the country when voters decided it was time to crack down on the manner in which illegals use a multiplicity of holes in federal enforcement to skirt around the nation's immigration laws.

But now a federal judge has blocked the implementation of the law, which was scheduled to take effect on Thursday of this week.

Here we go again. What is it about the term 'illegal' do these judges not get?

On the positive side, the judge did not suggest in her ruling that the law is unconstitutional. She said she needed more time to make a determination and will issue a full ruling on September 28.

That means that she could still decide to allow the state to proceed with its implementation of the new law.

But, given the manner in which the courts and the Obama Administration have ignored the word 'illegal' in the term 'illegal aliens,' I would not hold my breath hoping for a sane ruling on a matter that is completely out of control in this country.

1 comment:

hangman said...

If I were the Governor of Alabama, I'd enforce it without regard for the "judge's" ruling. Let the US enforce their edicts.