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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Danger Zone

The news today concerning the latest Gallup poll on Barack Obama's job approval is very significant. The poll places him at only 39% approval.

And why is this significant?

Two reasons.

First, the organization that did the polling is GALLUP, which has tended to give Obama high approval in its surveys, despite the fact that other firms such as Rasmussen have shown a much lower rating for Obama. The fact that Gallup's poll would show such a dismal approval rating means that something major is taking place--far worse for Obama than is being reported. If Gallup is showing it, you know it is extra bad.

Second, history has shown that any President who drops below the 40% approval level is in 'the danger zone.' A few polling firms showed a 39% approval for Obama just prior to the November 2010 massacre in which Republicans picked up more seats in Congress than any session in 70 years. But even then, Gallup never showed the President with such a low approval rating.

The fact that Gallup's survey indicates such low numbers means that unless there is significant change in the economy, he is doomed in 2012. And even then he may be gone. He has major trouble brewing on several fronts.

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