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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

ALERT--Fiscal Conservatives Barred from the New 'SuperCongress'!

The leviathans have just struck again. Fiscals conservatives who are the only ones with a sane plan to rescue America from the coming financial collapse have been banned from serving on this new super committee of Congress that was formed to address the debt.


The answer should be obvious to all.

Those who are not fiscal conservatives do not want real solutions. They only want to continue spending America into oblivion, enslaving all future generations with a load of debt they will NEVER be able to repay.

Hang 'em all.


Rev. Paul said...

I just posted on the same shenanigans, linking to the GOA article ... positing that this super committee be the 'tipping point' that patriots have been searching for since the debacle began.

Welshman said...

It is VERY bad, Paul, and I mean, VERY VERY bad. You may be right about the tipping point. Enough is enough.