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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pay no attention to the ads for Obama on this blog, courtesy of Google

As part of the Google Ads program, I was advised to allow all sorts of advertisements on the blog, excluding none. I am almost ready to change that.

I have noted of late that Google is placing Obama ads here, and I don't like it one little bit.

As regular readers know, this blog is dedicated to the defeat of people like Obama, and anyone else who is part of the modern assault on the Constitution, personal freedom, the Bill of Rights, and everything else Patriots hold sacred.

Please be aware that the Obama ads are NOT my doing.

Just ignore them. I may try to change my account with Google in such a way as to block such ads as we head into the campaign of 2012.

But...don't ignore the many other types of ads you find here. Most of them are great! :)


Suzie Q said...

I think it's wonderful. It's nice to see the Obama ppl provide some income and support for those who rise to oppose them. Th9si whole Google ad program is great!! I think Obama ads should just be plastered all over conservative sites. That way we can enjoy reading great sites that demand his ouster -- as he pays for the sites with his advertising dollars. Keep up the good work.

Welshman said...

Excellent point, Suzie!