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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NO! Absolutely not! Under NO Conditions!

The U.S. Senate is huddling this afternoon reportedly to strike a debt deal that would raise taxes.

If Republicans go along with this, they should become targets for derision and defeat in the next election. Here we MUST hold firm. We must say NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Under NO conditions should taxes be raised on ANYONE, period, during this time of dire economic straits.

The compromise plan is being floated by the so-called 'Gang of Six' in the Senate, which includes 3 Republicans.

However, one of those Republicans is Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who has already floated out his own proposal that would cut 9 trillion dollars from the debt. It is highly unlikely Coburn would go along with a tax hike. But McConnell?  Sheesh.

Warning the the GOP--hold firm on the no taxes pledge, or else you will be the recipients of voter ire every bit as much as your Democrat colleagues!

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