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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Mexico connection--innocent citizen jailed for cooperating with ATF

So far in the continually unfolding story of historic corruption and scandal at the Department of Justice and its bureau, the ATF, the focus has been primarily upon Phoenix and Tampa. Another possible connection surfaced last week involving the Houston, Texas field office of the ATF.
However, in the growing media frenzy that has resulted from irrefutable, bombshell evidence implicating the DOJ and the ATF in an illegal scheme to place American guns into the hands of Mexican and Honduran criminals, yet another connection has been largely overlooked involving the state of New Mexico and ATF field agents in the small border town of Columbus, NM.
The importance of the New Mexico connection lies in the fact that an innocent citizen sits in jail on bogus charges, charges that fail to recognize that his 'crimes' involved nothing more than doing what he was told by law enforcement acting on behalf of ATF agents as they made straw purchases of firearms from his gun shop in Columbus.

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