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Thursday, July 07, 2011

'Constitution 2020'--a blueprint for tyranny?

Yesterday's article focused on the threat to the Constitution posed by progressives who have launched a new initiative entitled, 'The Constitution in 2020.'  A new book by the same name, along with its companion website,, contains the progressive vision for the future of the U.S. Constitution in matters related to individual rights, citizenship, the southern border, 'personhood,' and a curiously-worded question, 'Who "counts" as American?' and, 'What kind of law "counts" as American?'  
These issues have already been settled. The Constitution specifies who 'counts' as American, and it isn't the vision of progressives who push for open borders and open citizenship to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who applies. And as to the question concerning what kind of law 'counts' as American, the Constitution itself is the foundational basis of American law and contains the principles that formulate the ultimate and authoritative law of the land.
However, in the minds of progressives these issues have not been settled due to the fact that in their thinking the Constitution is an evolving document that is always subject to the shifting sands of political and cultural thought, except in those instances where the literal wording and original intent suit their purposes.
Such individuals know that a formal attempt to enact multiple changes to the Constitution, or to create a new one, would be met with heavy opposition. Thus, their tactic is not to attempt such a formal change but to tweak the definition of terms so that, for example, 'individual rights' include social and economic 'justice' and redistribution of wealth.

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