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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking updates on House investigation of DOJ-ATF gun smuggling

In the latest breaking updates on the U.S. House of Representatives investigation into the DOJ-ATF Gun Smuggling Scandal, also known as 'Project Gunwalker' or 'Operation Fast and Furious,' committee chair Darrell Issa, R-California, has charged the Obama Administration with intimidating witnesses. Of the six scheduled witnesses who testified before the Issa committee today, at least two of them received letters from the ATF warning them to limit their testimony.
Issa further asserted that the scandal goes all the way to the top of the Department of Justice at the very least, and that Attorney-General Eric Holder knew about the illegal scheme or else he is so incompetent as to be ignorant about what goes on in his own department.
In another development, one of the two who originally broke the story of the scandal, Mike Vanderboegh, reports from Washington that the FBI is in a state of panic following the disclosure yesterday that the Bureau allowed the sale of 360 firearms to convicted felons, who then took the guns to Mexico where they wound up in the hands of drug cartels.

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