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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Before going off half-cocked about how Paul Ryan and Allen West 'caved' on the debt deal....

Many conservatives today are blasting Allen West and Paul Ryan for supposedly 'caving' on the debt deal by announcing they support Speaker John Boehner's plan.

Admittedly, the Boehner plan does nothing of any real significance to address the debt, although it does propose modest spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. It is a horrible plan.

But, and never forget this, folks, DEMOCRATS control the Senate, and they are demagoguing to death this issue, pummeling Republicans for being 'economic terrorists,' 'dictators', and 'taking away Social Security checks for senior adults.'

And believe it or not, the brainwashed masses of the intellectually-challenged are falling for it...especially down in Florida where Allen West represents a district made up of large numbers of seniors who have been scared to death by Obama and the Dems.

The scuttlebutt is that West has seen some polling data in his district that shows very disturbing trends that could threaten any reelection bid. In short, the feeble-minded are now so numerous in this country that when Patriots actually do get elected to Congress they are in danger of being thrown out unless they cave to the demands of those whose tiny minds cannot comprehend the nature of the danger this country faces.

So, rather than blaming West and Ryan, and other conservative Republicans, blame the American people. I say, give 'em what they want and let the chips fall where they may, which of course means that shortly we will spend ourselves into oblivion, lose our status in the world, face REAL default on the debt, and find ourselves in the very same bankrupt boat as Greece, Ireland, Spain, and other European socialist countries that are flat out of money and are forced to cut entitlements to the bone. So much for the social safety net in that scenario.

People get the government they deserve. And if America goes under, blame the leeches among the populace who prevent prudent Patriots from doing what is necessary to get our economic house in order.

So, let the house of cards fall. Let it crumble. And gear up for the fight of the century in this country as Patriots attempt to restore what the Founders gave us.

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dakotas5 said...

Still trying to decide which would be more liable to be accomplished. Save the road we're on or addin' to the potholes til it's time to start at the constitution and make a new road.