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Thursday, July 07, 2011

About the Tampa-to-Honduras gun smuggling scandal--multi-agencies involved pointing to high level approval

The news that ATF agents in Tampa, Florida have been caught running U.S. guns to Honduras brings up an issue that is central to the entire gun smuggling scheme of the ATF--the illegal plan is so widespread, involving multiple agencies of the federal government, that only the tacit approval at the highest levels of government could set such a program into motion.

This brings us squarely to Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

Only the highest levels of government could coordinate and approve a plan that would be implemented across a broad spectrum--including the State Department and the FBI, in addition to the Department of Justice and its bureau, the ATF.

In fact, I would go as far as to postulate the assumption that in order for this to be carried out, Holder, the FBI director, the ATF acting director, and Hillary Clinton at State would more than likely have been involved in high level meetings with Barack Obama himself, not necessarily to discuss the details of the scheme but to lay out the broad aspects of it.

So, stay tuned. There will most certainly be much more of this to come. The scoundrels have been caught with their pants down in this more than once, and a growing chorus is demanding an in-depth investigation--one in which the Administration fully cooperates rather than engaging in stonewalling.

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