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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Palin: the emails, the Paul Revere flap, and the foolish media

When it was announced that Sarah Palin's emails from the time she was Governor of Alaska would be released last Friday, scores of media hounds descended upon Wasilla and the state capital hoping to be the first to 'break the story' of unimaginable embarrassment and buffoonery that was sure to emanate from the bumbling babbling mush-head who would dare even think about running for the GOP nomination. The Washington Post and the New York Times even solicited citizen volunteers to help then scour the voluminous emails, looking for any juicy morsel of material by which they could hang Palin in effigy.
Instead, as Glen Reynolds of Instapundit put it, the whole thing turned out to be another Al Capone's vault...

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