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Monday, June 06, 2011

Lesley Stahl/60 Minutes report last night--a hit piece against Israel?

On CBS News' 60 Minutes last evening, reporter Lesley Stahl presented an on-the-scene overview of the current conflict between Israel and Palestinians concerning the proposal to roll back Israeli land to the pre-1967 level and divide Jerusalem in a manner that would give Muslims control over the most holy sites of the Jewish and Christian faiths. The manner in which Stahl conducted the interviews in the segment, however, raises a serious question concerning the objectivity of CBS News. Was Stahl's report actually a hit-piece against Israel?
Stahl interviewed, among others, Doron Spielman who is spearheading an archaeological dig underneath the homes of Muslims and Jews in one of the regions in question--the eastern sector of Jerusalem where Muslims have been allowed to maintain residence and have lived peaceably with Jews in the city for decades. The area is known as the 'city of David,' where Jewish historians say that King David lived and ruled 3800 years ago. Some believe that David's ancestor Abraham stood in that very area when God promised him the land.
The archaeological digs in the area have resulted in the uncovering of many artifacts of history. Yet it remains highly controversial given that this is the sector of Jerusalem that would go to Muslims should Barack Obama's proposal be accepted. Interestingly, former President Bill Clinton proposed the same thing in the early 1990s.
Stahl's interview was often contentious...

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