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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/25/2011

All guns and politics, from the best guns rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Brigid blogs from 'ground zero' in tornado alley, where the devastation is beyond imagination--the worst tornado outbreak this century, so I have been told.

Pamela Geller provides former Ambassador John Bolton's remarks concerning Netanyahu's speech before Congress. Bolton would make an excellent President, in my opinion.

Mike McCarville updates the news on a variety of issues, including the tornadoes in Oklahoma, but he also provides a photo of his family--Grandpa Mike with his granddaughters.

Line in the Desert has the interview Greta van Sustren  conducted with Texas Governor Rick Perry on the issue of the southern border.

CLO maintains that a gun exemption is sorely needed in the so-called 'Patriot Act.'

David Codrea wants to know when are pro-gun Democrats going to demand that hearings be held on Project Gunwalker.

Kurt Hofmann suggests that guns must not be as capable as they once were, given that Americans have been purchasing them by the thousands, but the crime rate has gone DOWN. A must-read.

Mike Vanderboegh, along with David Codrea, issue a challenge to Obama's new Internet propaganda czar--'Welcome to the party, pal. Let's talk about Project Gunwalker.'

WRSA provides a good list of resources for your ammo needs. Take a look.

Way Up North reports that the federal NTSB can find no cause for the plane crash that killed Senator Ted Stevens.  Something fishy there.

Tam serves up some appropriate snark aimed at Odumbo over his latest gaffe.

GunRights4US has a must read on Peter Fonda's recent remarks about training his granddaughters to use long-range firearms.

John Jacob H posts his refresher course on what to do when stopped by the police.

From Around O-Town: 'Maybe the DOJ should designate Texas as a no-illegal aliens zone.'

1 With a Bullet informs us of converting 2 Mosin-Nagant rifles to a .45-70. Photo included.

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