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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily Mail: 'Unflippingbelievable' ObamaCare wavers to Pelosi

One of the major newspapers of record in the U.K. is reporting the story of the high number of ObamaCare wavers issued to Nancy Pelosi’s California Congressional district, to which Governor Sarah Palin reacted by exclaiming ‘unflippingbelievable ’
The wavers exempt certain businesses, labor unions, and large corporations from having to implement the new healthcare mandate for one year. Extensions are available yearly until the year 2014. Obama and company have been busy handing out these wavers, to the tune of 204 doled out in the month of April alone. 38 out of the 204 were given to Obama-friendly nightclubs and restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s district, despite the fact that it was Pelosi who along with Harry Reid and Barack Obama were adamant about shoving ObamaCare down the throats of the citizens although the new law was and still is highly unpopular.

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