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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Salvation Army at forefront of efforts at site of Japan quake

Americans always come through when the world is hit by disaster.  Here is a great way to help.

Read about it at Conservative Examiner.

All the latest news from Japan, plus a primer on the 150-year history of the Salvation Army.


mrscottyl said...

I have enjoyed reading your articles for some time now, but I have a point of contention with you on this article. The problem I have is that instead of taking care of the people struggling here in America, we are sending it all overseas. I know of a family that has been calling the Salvation Army in the DFW area for assistance for over a week, for they are about to be homeless, and keep getting told by the Salvation Army that there is no funds to help them. Even Mission Arlington turns them away. So to be proud of sending money to Japan while those here in the US struggle and are being evicted is beyond comprehension. Let the Japanese take care of the Japanese, and the Americans take care of the Americans.

We could cut out a huge chunk of our National Deficit if we stopped sending our taxpayer money overseas to help other people and started taking care of those here in the US that are wanting work, and are willing to work, but who are either not being able to make enough to take care of themselves and their families or are out of work. The more taxes everyone is forced to pay for everything including Obamacare, the less money ewe have to help those of our population that really need the assistance. And with the majority of the Latino population demanding that we give amnesty to all their illegal brethren already trespassing on our soil, who are taking jobs and income away from American citizens who would work those jobs to care for their families, America has stopped being the land of promise and has become a living nightmare to far too many.

My heart and prayers go out to those suffering in Japan, but as the book of James tells me, I can not look at those in need here in the US and say, "I wil pray for you, go in peace, be warm and fed," and refuse to lift a finger all because I have to help the Japanese first. America has dug itself a huge whole because we have had our priorities all wrong for over half a century.

Thank you for giving me the time to give you a different point-of-view.

Scott Ledbetter

tjbbpgobIII said...

Without even reading you're article I can tell you that the Salvation Army leaves all the other orginazations in their dust. They are by far the best and do the most work with so much less money and are always ready to help anywhere they can. Now I'll go read your article.